1. LG BP350

    LG BP350

    The LG's nice to use and puts in a strong showing in the picture department, if only it sounded a bit better...

    Our rating
  2. Sony BDP-S5200

    Sony BDP-S5200

    Best Blu-ray player up to £150, Awards 2014. Top-notch performance and good features too: this Sony is a top budget buy

    Our rating
  3. Sony BDP-S7200

    Sony BDP-S7200

    Best Blu-ray player £150-£300, Awards 2015. Serves up a classy picture and stunning sound – an impressive all-rounder

    Our rating
  4. Sony BDP-S6200

    Sony BDP-S6200

    Sony has done it again, with a talented player that should be on your shortlist

    Our rating
  5. Toshiba BDX5400

    Toshiba BDX5400

    A disappointing Blu-ray player that looks good and saves space

    Our rating
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  7. Philips BDP3380

    Philips BDP3380

    A very good performer with impressive ergonomics, but it’s beaten by the best at the price

    Our rating
  8. Pioneer BDP-160

    Pioneer BDP-160

    Pioneer has prioritised sensibly with the BDP-160, cutting back on features to focus on the picture and sound, and on keeping the price down

    Our rating
  9. Sony BDP-S4100

    Sony BDP-S4100

    Best Blu-ray player up to £100, Awards 2013. An impressive Blu-ray player with an impressive performance and a good set of features

    Our rating
  10. LG BP730

    LG BP730

    Packed with features, but picture and sound quality just don’t hit the mark

    Our rating
  11. Sony BDP-S490

    Sony BDP-S490

    This budget spinner is a Blu-ray stunner

    Our rating