1. Samsung BD-J5500

    Samsung BD-J5500

    Well-rounded Blu-ray player, but it won’t quite top your shortlist

    Our rating
  2. Pioneer BDP-LX58

    Pioneer BDP-LX58

    If you're looking to make the leap from a budget Blu-ray player, the Pioneer BDP-LX58 should definitely be on your hitlist...

    Our rating
  3. LG BP645

    LG BP645

    A fine effort from LG, with a strong feature list

    Our rating
  4. Samsung BD-H6500

    Samsung BD-H6500

    Not the best in class, but those features make it competitive

    Our rating
  5. LG BP740

    LG BP740

    A much-improved flagship effort from LG this year, but it still needs some work to really rival the best

    Our rating
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  7. LG BP630

    LG BP630

    It looks nice and has good features, but sound and picture disappoint

    Our rating
  8. Philips BDP3380

    Philips BDP3380

    A very good performer with impressive ergonomics, but it’s beaten by the best at the price

    Our rating
  9. Samsung BD-F7500

    Samsung BD-F7500

    A stylish Blu-ray player with excellent smart content, but its picture and sound performance disappoints

    Our rating
  10. LG BP730

    LG BP730

    Packed with features, but picture and sound quality just don’t hit the mark

    Our rating
  11. Samsung BD-F6500

    Samsung BD-F6500

    As a low-cost option, the Samsung isn’t a bad shout – not the best in class but still competitive

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