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  1. Oppo BDP-103EU

    Oppo BDP-103EU

    Reviewed on 18th January 2013
    Price when reviewed £500

    Great set of features, but picture and sound quality isn’t a huge leap over the best budget decks

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  2. Sony BDP-S790

    Sony BDP-S790

    Reviewed on 7th June 2012
    Price when reviewed £200

    Product of the Year, Awards 2013 – a second win for this brilliant movie machine

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  3. Cambridge Audio Azur 651BD

    Cambridge Audio Azur 651BD

    Reviewed on 9th November 2011
    Price when reviewed £500

    Fine picture and sound, but not the best in class with fast motion

  4. Oppo BDP-95EU

    Oppo BDP-95EU

    Reviewed on 27th July 2011
    Price when reviewed £900

    The Oppo BDP-95EU has serious on-rack presence

  5. Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD

    Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD

    Reviewed on 8th June 2011
    Price when reviewed £800

    This universal player is a great upgrade option for those making the next step up from a budget model

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  7. Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD

    Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD

    Reviewed on 20th March 2010
    Price when reviewed £400

    Best Blu-ray player £300+, Awards 2010. The Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD's sound, price and competitive performance make it one of the most capable d