1. Linn Akubarik

    Linn Akubarik

    The Akubariks are a deeply impressive engineering accomplishment. They’re flexible too, but the forthright presentation won’t appeal to all

    Our rating
    Available from £15600
  2. Marantz SA-11S2

    Marantz SA-11S2

    Thoroughly likeable in most ways and admirable in some, but a lack of bottom-end rigour hampers the big Marantz

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    Available from £3449.9
  3. Kudos C2

    Kudos C2

    These floorstanding speakers have a sturdy build feel, and have great sound, timing and rhythm as well

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    Available from £2594.95
  4. Naim Supernait

    Naim Supernait

    The Supernait is arguably the most versatile amp Naim have come produced, a hefty price tag, with some sonic flaws, but still very impressive

    Our rating
    Available from £2850
  5. Spendor A6 Speaker

    Spendor A6 Speaker

    Available from £2495
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  7. Linn Akurate Power Amplifier
    Available from £3350
  8. Spendor D7 Speaker

    Spendor D7 Speaker

    Available from £3495
  9. Linn Majik LP12 Record Turntable
    Available from £2700
  10. Spendor A6R Speaker

    Spendor A6R Speaker

    Available from £2495
  11. Spendor A9 Speaker

    Spendor A9 Speaker

    Available from £4495