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  1. JBL Flip 3

    JBL Flip 3

    Reviewed on 19th February 2016
    Price when reviewed £100

    A return to form for JBL, the Flip 3 is worthy of the product’s history

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  2. HRT dSp

    HRT dSp

    Reviewed on 10th February 2016
    Price when reviewed £80

    Give your portable device the gift of better sound with this tiny, but powerful DAC...

  3. View Quest Blighty

    View Quest Blighty

    Reviewed on 13th January 2016
    Price when reviewed £50

    A portable, budget, DAB/FM radio with passable sound, provided you can get decent reception...

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  4. Crosley Cruiser

    Crosley Cruiser

    Reviewed on 12th October 2015
    Price when reviewed £80

    The Cruiser is a great idea in theory, but we're afraid this portable turntable just isn't up to scratch...

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  5. View Quest Retro Mini

    View Quest Retro Mini

    Reviewed on 17th September 2015
    Price when reviewed £60

    This retro radio boasts attractive looks and a tempting price tag, but how does it fare in the sound quality stakes?

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  7. Ultimate Ears Roll

    Ultimate Ears Roll

    Reviewed on 30th July 2015
    Price when reviewed £100

    Best portable wireless speaker under £100, Awards 2015. This sturdy little speaker squeezes plenty of performance into its diminutive size...

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  8. Denon Envaya Mini

    Denon Envaya Mini

    Reviewed on 24th July 2015
    Price when reviewed £100

    The slimmed down Denon Envaya Mini still manages to pack in a great deal

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  9. Pure Pop Maxi

    Pure Pop Maxi

    Reviewed on 1st July 2015
    Price when reviewed £100

    A cute-looking portable radio with some decent features, but is the Pop Maxi up to the job in the sound department?

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  10. View Quest Christie

    View Quest Christie

    Reviewed on 16th April 2015
    Price when reviewed £100

    The View Quest Christie is one of the best-looking radios we've seen at the money, but how does it perform?

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  11. Bayan Audio Soundbook Go

    Bayan Audio Soundbook Go

    Reviewed on 14th April 2015
    Price when reviewed £72

    The Soundbook Go puts in a decent shift for a Bluetooth speaker, but is it enough in this crowded market?

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