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  1. Dali Kubik Free

    Dali Kubik Free

    Reviewed on 14th March 2016
    Price when reviewed £650

    Two years on, it’s still a great speaker. But the competition has improved too

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  2. Naim Mu-so Qb

    Naim Mu-so Qb

    Reviewed on 18th February 2016
    Price when reviewed £595

    Huge sound and great connectivity from the latest addition to the Mu-so family...

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  3. Samsung R7

    Samsung R7

    Reviewed on 9th February 2016
    Price when reviewed £430

    Distinctive wireless speaker has a presence, but it’s not quite a sonic success...

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  4. Bluesound Pulse Mini

    Bluesound Pulse Mini

    Reviewed on 28th January 2016
    Price when reviewed £420

    Bluesound shoehorns impressive sound quality into an affordable package...

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  5. Geneva Model M Wireless

    Geneva Model M Wireless

    Reviewed on 29th July 2014
    Price when reviewed £500

    A commendable speaker if you’re mainly after Bluetooth and radio

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