1. Cambridge Audio Azur 351A

    Cambridge Audio Azur 351A

    Worth considering if you like an energetic approach to music

    Our rating
    Available from £249
  2. Marantz PM6004

    Marantz PM6004

    Stereo amplifier Product of the Year 2011. A big step-up from the older 6003 version, and hard to fault at this price

    Our rating
    Available from £329.9
  3. NAD C326BEE

    NAD C326BEE

    NAD's C326BEE amp is a real gem, but only for those with a budget system

    Our rating
    Available from £349
  4. NAD D 3020 Hybrid Digital Amplifier
    Available from £399
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  6. Marantz PM6005 Integrated Amplifier
    Available from £279