1. NAD C316BEE

    NAD C316BEE

    This NAD integrated amplifier is a great listen for the money, but it's just outclassed by some of its very close rivals

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    Available from £270.64
  2. Yamaha A-S700

    Yamaha A-S700

    The Yamaha A-S700 stereo amp has the familial looks – and sound – of the A-S1000, but costs considerably less

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    Available from £349.95
  3. Denon DN-A300M Amplifier
    Available from £318.88
  4. Yamaha P2500S Amplifier
    Available from £324.95
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  6. Onkyo A-9050 Amplifier

    Onkyo A-9050 Amplifier

    Available from £289
  7. Rotel Integrated Amplifier
    Available from £349