1. Cambridge Audio Azur 550A

    Cambridge Audio Azur 550A

    The Azur 550A is another fine budget amplifier from Cambridge Audio, although in this market the competition's more than fierce

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  2. Marantz PM6003

    Marantz PM6003

    Excellent amplifier and a worthy Award winner still

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  3. Rotel RA-1520

    Rotel RA-1520

    In the RA-1520, Rotel has produced an amplifer that can enter the lion's den of competition and easily take on the best

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  4. Audio Research VS115

    Audio Research VS115

    The VS115 is far from hi-fi jewellery, but it's a highly effective workhorse, delivering all the acoustic thunder you'd expect for more than five gran

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  5. Audiolab 8000S

    Audiolab 8000S

    The Audiolab 8000S is still a decent amplifier, but it's no longer the class-leader it once was

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  7. Audiolab LAB M-PWR Amplifier
    Available from £299
  8. Marantz PM6005 Integrated Amplifier
    Available from £319
  9. Rotel Integrated Amplifier
    Available from £599