1. Roberts Fusion

    Roberts Fusion

    A good buy if you crave a dock with your radio, but otherwise look elsewhere

    Our rating
    Available from £129.94
  2. Pure Digital Contour

    Pure Digital Contour

    Pure value for money, yes; Pure entertainment, yes – but Pure quality? Not quite

    Our rating
    Available from £119.95
  3. Revo Heritage

    Revo Heritage

    This attractive radio offers an attacking listen, but it's not the punchiest performer

    Our rating
    Available from £180.69
  4. Pure Digital Evoke-2S

    Pure Digital Evoke-2S

    In design terms the Evoke 2S doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but with solid build, good OLED display and revamped ‘Clearsound’ amp technology, it offers a

    Our rating
    Available from £128.99
  5. Roberts RD50

    Roberts RD50

    Under the skin, all the RD50s are the same: a DAB/FM radio with some old-fashioned rotary controls

    Our rating
    Available from £149.99
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  7. Roberts STREAM 205 Internet Radio
    Available from £124.99
  8. Philips AJB3552 Clock Radio
    Available from £131.32
  9. Pure Sensia Internet Radio
    Available from £199.94