1. Revo AXiS

    Revo AXiS

    A fine sounding and sonically strong internet radio, the AXiS is easy to use thanks to its well designed touchscreen menus

    Our rating
    Available from £195
  2. Roberts Revival iStream

    Roberts Revival iStream

    We love this stylish and sophisticated retro offering from Roberts. Not only does it sound good, it looks the part as well

    Our rating
    Available from £159
  3. Pure Digital Evoke Flow

    Pure Digital Evoke Flow

    Internet radio gives you a choice of thousands of new stations, and Evoke's Digital Flow has some clever technology to help you find the best ones

    Our rating
    Available from £129.99
  4. Roberts STREAM 205 Internet Radio
    Available from £124.99
  5. Philips AJB3552 Clock Radio
    Available from £119.98
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  7. Sony ICF-C717PJ Desktop Clock Radio
    Available from £143
  8. Sony ICF-C8WM Clock Radio
    Available from £119