1. Roth DBT-001

    Roth DBT-001

    Perfectly decent, but there are better radios out there

    Our rating
    Available from £54.99
  2. Pure Digital Move 400D

    Pure Digital Move 400D

    Perfect for on-the-go casual listening, but not as your main home radio

    Our rating
    Available from £67.5
  3. Pure Digital One Flow

    Pure Digital One Flow

    Best internet radio up to £150, Awards 2012. Great value for money, its secret weapon is the killer Pure Lounge app

    Our rating
    Available from £87.97
  4. Roberts iDream

    Roberts iDream

    The iDream is packed with functionality, but sounds thoroughly underwhelming

    Our rating
    Available from £72.95
  5. Pure Digital Siesta

    Pure Digital Siesta

    Pure’s entry-level bedside clock radio is simpler than the Chronos model, and a great buy

    Our rating
    Available from £59.79
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  7. Sony ICF-C414 Clock Radio
    Available from £52.7
  8. Grundig Sonoclock 490 Clock Radio
    Available from £29.08
  9. Philips AJ1003 Desktop Clock Radio
    Available from £60.99
  10. Philips AJ100 Clock Radio
    Available from £27.48