1. Roth OLi RA2

    Roth OLi RA2

    An adrenalin junkie that bounces off the walls, but its one-track mind is an obstacle to a whole-hearted approval

    Our rating
    Available from £149
  2. Q Acoustics 2010

    Q Acoustics 2010

    Awards 2009 and Supertest winners in their price class, these are tremendous little speakers

    Our rating
    Available from £109
  3. Klipsch RB-81

    Klipsch RB-81

    They're big, like to party, and they're over here. Klipsch's RB-81 speakers certainly aren't wallflowers, but that doesn't make them winners either

    Our rating
    Available from £196.02
  4. KEF C3

    KEF C3

    Given KEF’s track record, we expected much better – these C3s are a real disappointment

    Our rating
    Available from £199.95
  5. Bose 161 Speaker

    Bose 161 Speaker

    Available from £159.99
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  7. KEF C1 Speaker

    KEF C1 Speaker

    Available from £149.95
  8. Pioneer CS-3070 Bookshelf Speaker
    Available from £118.01
  9. Wharfedale Diamond 121 Speaker
    Available from £175