1. GamuT M'inent M3

    GamuT M'inent M3

    These are some of the best standmounters we’ve heard. If you have the budget and your system is good enough, they deserve serious consideration

    Our rating
    Available from £34.68
  2. SoundScience QSB

    SoundScience QSB

    Small, powered desktop speakers provide clean and open stereo sound

    Our rating
    Available from £38.36
  3. Mission MX1

    Mission MX1

    Best stereo speakers up to £150, Awards 2010. A balanced, tuneful little speaker, that gets a firm grasp of the emotional heart of the music

    Our rating
    Available from £99.95
  4. Wharfedale Diamond 121 Speaker
    Available from £99.95
  5. JBL Control NOW Speaker
    Available from £94.95
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  7. Yamaha NS-BP200 Speaker
    Available from £59.99
  8. Spendor D1 Speaker

    Spendor D1 Speaker

    Available from £23.6
  9. Spendor A5 Speaker

    Spendor A5 Speaker

    Available from £66.17