1. SoundScience QSB

    SoundScience QSB

    Small, powered desktop speakers provide clean and open stereo sound

    Our rating
    Available from £19.99
  2. Mission MX1

    Mission MX1

    Best stereo speakers up to £150, Awards 2010. A balanced, tuneful little speaker, that gets a firm grasp of the emotional heart of the music

    Our rating
    Available from £95
  3. JBL Control NOW Speaker
    Available from £94.95
  4. Spendor D1 Speaker

    Spendor D1 Speaker

    Available from £21.24
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  6. Spendor Classic S3/5R2 Speaker
    Available from £64.16
  7. Yamaha NS-BP200 Speaker
    Available from £79.99
  8. Yamaha NS-BP182 Speaker
    Available from £59.99