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  1. ATC SCM11 (2013)

    ATC SCM11 (2013)

    Reviewed on 2nd December 2015
    Price when reviewed £1200

    Best standmounter £800-£1200, Awards 2015. ATC has struck gold again. These are the most talented standmounters anywhere near this price

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  2. ATC SCM19

    ATC SCM19

    Reviewed on 13th May 2015
    Price when reviewed £2000

    Best standmounter £1200+, Awards 2015. Partnered with a suitably powerful amp, the SCM19s wow you with a dynamic, detailed and rhythmic sound...

  3. PMC Twenty 26

    PMC Twenty 26

    Reviewed on 27th October 2014
    Price when reviewed £5750

    Yet another top-class speaker from the Twenty range. PMC has done it again.

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  4. Dynaudio Confidence C2 Signature

    Dynaudio Confidence C2 Signature

    Reviewed on 5th February 2013
    Price when reviewed £11800

    An easy-going, refined and engaging pair of Dynaudio speakers

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  5. Jamo D 600

    Jamo D 600

    Reviewed on 1st May 2012
    Price when reviewed £4790

    Purposeful in its austere finish, Jamo's incredible and competent D600 speaker package is a must-audition

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  7. PMC Fact 8

    PMC Fact 8

    Reviewed on 31st March 2010
    Price when reviewed £4700

    These PMC floorstanders are quite simply magical - even at this price. You'll get your money's worth, and more besides

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  8. PMC FB1i

    PMC FB1i

    Reviewed on 15th January 2009
    Price when reviewed £2275

    These PMCs are great all-rounders. They have real long-term appeal

  9. ATC SCM40

    ATC SCM40

    Reviewed on 10th October 2006
    Price when reviewed £2185

    Sheer audio honesty make these ATCs among the best at this price point

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  10. ATC SCM 11

    ATC SCM 11

    Reviewed on 13th September 2006
    Price when reviewed £940

    Best standmounter £700-£1500, Awards 2011. One of the most honest and transparent speakers out there - a delight to listen to

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