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  1. Bose SoundTouch 20

    Bose SoundTouch 20

    Reviewed on 30th June 2014
    Price when reviewed £350

    A nicely designed system but sound and features are limited

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  2. Philips Fidelio SoundCurve DS8800W

    Philips Fidelio SoundCurve DS8800W

    Reviewed on 25th January 2012
    Price when reviewed £350

    One of the better AirPlay speakers we've tested

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  3. NAD Viso 1

    NAD Viso 1

    Reviewed on 24th January 2012
    Price when reviewed £500

    Smart design, good ergonomics and powerful sound make this an all-round success

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  4. Audyssey South of Market Audio Dock

    Audyssey South of Market Audio Dock

    Reviewed on 29th March 2011
    Price when reviewed £350

    Looks good, feels great, yet performance is more boom and bang than detailed

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  5. Eton Soulra

    Eton Soulra

    Reviewed on 15th January 2011
    Price when reviewed £149

    Eton's Soulra is a dock that's ideal for those outdoor excursions - it comes with solar charging facilities - but the sound's not up to much

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  7. Audioengine A5

    Audioengine A5

    Reviewed on 11th September 2007
    Price when reviewed £260

    Audioengine A5 active desktop speakers are composed and staunchly musical. Just add an MP3 player – though they work best with stands – and you'll

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