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  1. Sennheiser HD800S

    Sennheiser HD800S

    Reviewed on 11th April 2016
    Price when reviewed £1200

    If sensational sound quality is your priority, these high-end headphones are worth an audition

  2. AKG N90Q

    AKG N90Q

    Reviewed on 18th December 2015
    Price when reviewed £1300

    These high-end headphones are packed with some interesting tech...

  3. AKG K812

    AKG K812

    Reviewed on 12th September 2014
    Price when reviewed £1100

    Pamper the K812s and you get a wonderfully faithful sound that’s as insightful as we’ve heard from headphones at this price

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  4. Oppo PM-1

    Oppo PM-1

    Reviewed on 28th May 2014
    Price when reviewed £1100

    Oppo’s first pair of headphones are a luxurious, resounding success

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