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  1. Harman-Kardon Aura

    Harman-Kardon Aura

    Reviewed on 17th April 2014
    Price when reviewed £350

    A stunning looking speaker, but one that doesn’t have the ‘wow’ sound or usability to boot

  2. Harman-Kardon Go+Play Wireless

    Harman-Kardon Go+Play Wireless

    Reviewed on 4th March 2013
    Price when reviewed £280

    A great Bluetooth speaker with big bass and an easy-to-live-with sound

  3. Harman-Kardon Go + Play

    Harman-Kardon Go + Play

    Reviewed on 27th July 2008
    Price when reviewed £250

    If you want a stylish, well made portable iPod dock with bags of bass, Harman Kardon's Go + Play will fit the bill

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