1. Icecrypt T2400 (2TB)

    Icecrypt T2400 (2TB)

    Good HD PVR with 2TB storage and decent picture, but lacks frills

    Our rating
  2. Digital Stream DHR8205U

    Digital Stream DHR8205U

    If you're after an affordable HD-toting Freeview PVR, then the Digital Stream DHR8205U does a very decent job

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  3. Icecrypt T2200

    Icecrypt T2200

    Coming from the veterans at Topfield, the Icecrypt T2200 is certainly a very functional box, although it's not fantastic

    Our rating
  4. Sony SVR-HDT500 Satellite Receiver
    Available from £229.99
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  6. Humax DTR-T1010 Set-top Box
    Available from £219.95