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  1. Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature

    Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature

    Reviewed on 20th December 2013
    Price when reviewed £2750

    The original X 300 was a great power amplifier. This Signature version is clearly better

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  2. Cyrus 8a

    Cyrus 8a

    Reviewed on 29th November 2012
    Price when reviewed £1200

    Another classic Cyrus – everything we've come to expect and love about the brand

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  3. Cyrus 8 DAC

    Cyrus 8 DAC

    Reviewed on 11th June 2012
    Price when reviewed £1400

    Delivers a spacious and engaging sound

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  4. Cyrus 6a

    Cyrus 6a

    Reviewed on 17th April 2012
    Price when reviewed £699

    Best stereo amp £600-£1000, Awards 2012. The fast, articulate and agile Cyrus sound is present and correct in the 6a – but it lacks energy compared with newer rivals

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  5. Cyrus Mono X 300

    Cyrus Mono X 300

    Reviewed on 1st April 2011
    Price when reviewed £2500

    Paired with the DAC XP+, Cyrus's Mono X300 is a nearly unbeatable preamp/power combination

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  7. Cyrus DAC XP+

    Cyrus DAC XP+

    Reviewed on 1st April 2011
    Price when reviewed £2550

    It uses a very familiar box, but Cyrus's DAC XP+ hosts massive ability, although we think it could do with more punch

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  8. Cyrus Pre XP d

    Cyrus Pre XP d

    Reviewed on 25th January 2010
    Price when reviewed £1300

    Cyrus seems to be incapable of producing lack-lustre amplifiers - this preamp used in clonjunction with the 8 Power amp is a mighty combo

  9. Cyrus 8XP

    Cyrus 8XP

    Reviewed on 21st September 2009
    Price when reviewed £1250

    It might not have the DAC of the 8XPd, but we love this integrated amplifier for its accomplished sonic delivery

  10. Cyrus 6XP

    Cyrus 6XP

    Reviewed on 11th August 2009
    Price when reviewed £925

    Stereo amplifier Product of the Year, Awards 2010. Look beyond the outdated looks – the 6XP's controlled sound makes this a serious player

  11. Cyrus 8 XPd

    Cyrus 8 XPd

    Reviewed on 8th June 2009
    Price when reviewed £1500

    The Cyrus XPd integrated amplifier sets a sky-high standard at the price