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  1. Custom Design Discrete Inert Hi-Fi 4

    Custom Design Discrete Inert Hi-Fi 4

    Reviewed on 12th August 2014
    Price when reviewed £300

    Encourages a finger-snapping delivery from our system, but rivals offer better support and punchier, subtler performance

  2. Custom Design Tokyo 4

    Custom Design Tokyo 4

    Reviewed on 29th July 2011
    Price when reviewed £430

    With its classy wooden finish, and easy to assemble stages, the Tokyo 4 also helps deliver a great sound – though some may find it a bit small

  3. Custom Design Milan 4 (hi-fi)

    Custom Design Milan 4 (hi-fi)

    Reviewed on 27th March 2009
    Price when reviewed £470

    Small is beautiful, and this neat little equipment rack from Custom Design proves the point with its accomplished performance

  4. Custom Design Milan LCD3

    Custom Design Milan LCD3

    Reviewed on 30th July 2008
    Price when reviewed £350

    Simple elegance: this rack is made from six blocks of wood and three sheets of glass

  5. Custom Design Concept AV

    Custom Design Concept AV

    Reviewed on 6th March 2007
    Price when reviewed £350

    A superb rack from Custom Design, available in a wide choice of colours

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  7. Custom Design Icon Signature

    Custom Design Icon Signature

    Reviewed on 18th August 2006
    Price when reviewed £330

    A great rack for an upgrade to tame unruly systems

  8. Custom Design Ultra Corner 3 AV

    Custom Design Ultra Corner 3 AV

    Reviewed on 2nd March 2004
    Price when reviewed £400

    Corner design fits bulky systems snuggly into tight spaces