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  1. Chord Electronics QBD76 HDSD

    Chord Electronics QBD76 HDSD

    Reviewed on 21st May 2013
    Price when reviewed £4995

    Chord’s QBD76 HDSD is a top-class converter that delivers a brilliant sound from a well-built package. It has plenty of visual appeal, too

  2. Chord Electronics QuteHD

    Chord Electronics QuteHD

    Reviewed on 20th September 2012
    Price when reviewed £990

    Best DAC £700-£1000, Awards 2013. Chord has struck gold: a terrific performer for the money

  3. Chord Electronics QBD76

    Chord Electronics QBD76

    Reviewed on 3rd November 2008
    Price when reviewed £4000

    Chord's innovative approach to design and far-sighted source options makes the QBD76 a simply glorious piece of hi-fi

  4. Chord Electronics Chordette Gem

    Chord Electronics Chordette Gem

    Reviewed on 22nd October 2008
    Price when reviewed £399

    This isn't your conventional DAC, but rather aimed at laptop and music phone users who want to play music through their hi-fi