1. Audiolab M-PWR

    Audiolab M-PWR

    The M-PWR is a good, solid performer. It might not be the last word in finesse or fluidity, but would still work well in the right system

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  2. Audiolab 8200A

    Audiolab 8200A

    Capable, with an impressive range of abilities, but a touch too clinical

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    Available from £749
  3. Audiolab 8000S

    Audiolab 8000S

    The Audiolab 8000S is still a decent amplifier, but it's no longer the class-leader it once was

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  4. Audiolab LAB M-PWR Amplifier
    Available from £447.99
  5. Audiolab Power Amplifier
    Available from £649
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  7. Audiolab 8200Q Preamplifier
    Available from £729