1. Arcam FMJ AVR450

    Arcam FMJ AVR450

    A great amp with some notable musical skills, but it loses a star compared with its better-performing, better-specified rivals

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  2. Arcam AVR750

    Arcam AVR750

    One of the few multichannel amplifiers we’ve heard that does a great job with both movies and music, particularly the surround variety

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  3. Arcam AV888

    Arcam AV888

    Delivers excellent sound quality with the P777 power amp, but not without its flaws

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  4. Arcam AVR-400

    Arcam AVR-400

    The AVR-400 is Arcam's entry-level home cinema amplifier, has a generous spec and a fast, musical sound

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  5. Arcam AVR500

    Arcam AVR500

    The Arcam AVR500 has a minimalist spec which may appeal to some, but not others

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  7. Arcam AVR600

    Arcam AVR600

    It's a flagship multichannel receiver from Arcam, and we think the AVR600 has much to commend it, despite some reliability issues

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