1. Sony CMT-SBT300WB

    Sony CMT-SBT300WB

    This system that shows so much promise on paper, but fails to deliver in action. Frustrating

    Our rating
    Available from £299.95
  2. Onkyo CR-N755

    Onkyo CR-N755

    Best networked micro system, Awards 2012. This little box is a fine, forward-thinking hi-fi system 

    Our rating
    Available from £275
  3. Sony BDV-E880

    Sony BDV-E880

    Supports high-def movie streaming but sound is disorganised

    Our rating
    Available from £299.99
  4. Yamaha MCR-140

    Yamaha MCR-140

    The MCR-140 is a versatile micro featuring Yamaha's AirWired wireless streaming technology

    Our rating
    Available from £299.9
  5. Roth Alfie

    Roth Alfie

    This stylish all-in-one system plays DVDs, CDs, MP3s, includes an FM radio and an elegantly integrated iPod dock, but is a bit of a fiddle to use

    Our rating
    Available from £247
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  7. Pure Sirocco 550 Micro Hi-Fi System
    Available from £219.9
  8. Sony CMT-BX77DBi Mini Hi-Fi System
    Available from £364.99
  9. Pioneer DVD Receiver System
    Available from £375
  10. Onkyo CS-245DAB Mini H-Fi System
    Available from £245