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  1. LG BH9520TW

    LG BH9520TW

    Reviewed on 5th October 2012
    Price when reviewed £600

    'Wireless' LG is innovative and feature-packed

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  2. Panasonic SC-BTT775

    Panasonic SC-BTT775

    Reviewed on 20th December 2011
    Price when reviewed £580

    Even in 3D the Panasonic SC-BTT775 produces outanding detail and crisp images

  3. LG HX976TZW

    LG HX976TZW

    Reviewed on 18th October 2011
    Price when reviewed £700

    A superb all-in-one Blu-ray system if you are disinclined to invest in separates

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  4. Samsung HT-D5100

    Samsung HT-D5100

    Reviewed on 5th July 2011
    Price when reviewed £360

    An affordable system, with a decent selection of apps, but not best in class

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  5. Panasonic SC-BTT370

    Panasonic SC-BTT370

    Reviewed on 30th June 2011
    Price when reviewed £430

    The Panasonic SC-BTT370 serves up a scorcher of a Blu-ray picture

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  7. Harman-Kardon BDS 800

    Harman-Kardon BDS 800

    Reviewed on 3rd May 2011
    Price when reviewed £1300

    A decent medium-sized room system, offering style and some sonic heft, but lacking excitement

  8. Samsung HT-C6200

    Samsung HT-C6200

    Reviewed on 23rd September 2010
    Price when reviewed £450

    This smart Samsung system has everything we'd expect to find in a worthy Blu-ray package, plus bags of style and substance

  9. Panasonic SC-BTT755

    Panasonic SC-BTT755

    Reviewed on 1st October 2009
    Price when reviewed £500

    Best Blu-ray system £500+, Awards 2010. Make room for the Panasonic SC-BTT755, it's one of the best Blu-ray box systems we've ever seen and heard

  10. Philips HTS8140

    Philips HTS8140

    Reviewed on 12th November 2008
    Price when reviewed £600

    As long as you're not expecting 'proper' surround sound, this is an impressive do-it-all movie player

  11. Samsung HT-BD2

    Samsung HT-BD2

    Reviewed on 30th June 2008
    Price when reviewed £775

    This good value system is the first cinema-in-a-box with Blu-ray