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  1. AKG K845BT

    AKG K845BT

    Reviewed on 17th January 2014
    Price when reviewed £250

    These AKGs serve up a fine sound, offering oodles of detail, and their build quality is simply fantastic

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  2. AKG K551

    AKG K551

    Reviewed on 23rd January 2013
    Price when reviewed £230

    Smashing all-rounders that really sing

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  3. AKG K451

    AKG K451

    Reviewed on 14th June 2012
    Price when reviewed £130

    Product of the Year, Awards 2013. Now even better value

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  4. AKG K3003i

    AKG K3003i

    Reviewed on 15th April 2012
    Price when reviewed £1000

    The stunning AKG K3003i headphones made our jaws drop in every conceivable way

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  5. AKG K550

    AKG K550

    Reviewed on 29th February 2012
    Price when reviewed £250

    Best home over-ear headphones under £150, Awards 2015. Rousingly musical headphones with no obvious deficiencies

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  7. AKG K540

    AKG K540

    Reviewed on 5th October 2011
    Price when reviewed £90

    The stylish AKG K540 look nice but they lack openness, detail and dynamics

  8. AKG Q350

    AKG Q350

    Reviewed on 17th May 2011
    Price when reviewed £60

    It might have visual pizzazz but the AKG Q350 has sub-par sound

  9. AKG K450

    AKG K450

    Reviewed on 10th May 2011
    Price when reviewed £100

    Versatile portable on-ears that sound amazing for the money. Headphones Product of the Year, Awards 2011

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  10. AKG Q460

    AKG Q460

    Reviewed on 8th February 2011
    Price when reviewed £140

    They might be recommended by music legend Quincy Jones, but musical congestion means these AKG cans don't get the full five stars

  11. AKG K370

    AKG K370

    Reviewed on 17th December 2010
    Price when reviewed £73

    With a good fit and a crisp sound, these AKGs should be on your audition list