Pro-Ject Xtension/Ortofon RS-309D

The Pro-ject Xtension turntable proves Project can compete at all price levels

Headphone amps

Pro-Ject Headbox SEII

The Pro-ject Headbox SEII gives a lot for your money but some may find that the sound is wanting

Phono amps

Pro-Ject Tubebox SE

A good phono stage, but it needs more enthusiasm for the task


Pro-Ject 6 Perspex

This deck is good enough to challenge the very best at this price level – make sure you give it a long listen


Pro-Ject Genie 2

This turntable is a Fiesta, not a Ferrari – it won’t set your pulse rating, but will do a fine day-to-day job for the money

Power amps

Pro-Ject Amp Box

Dinky in size and sound quality


Pro-Ject RPM10

It’s beautiful, but in an audition you might find this Pro-ject doesn’t stand out from the class-leader


Pro-Ject RPM5.2

This Pro-ject deck was great in its original form, and is a better buy in its latest guise

Headphone amps

Pro-Ject Head Box MKII

Improve the sound of your headphones with this excellent add-on headphone amp