Home Cinema in a Box

Pioneer BCS-SB626

A desirable option with great features, but faces stiff competition from cheaper rivals

Blu-ray players

Pioneer BDP-450

A superb Blu-ray player from Pioneer that challenges the best in class

Wireless speakers

Pioneer XW-SMA4

Feature-packed, room-filling sound with a bit too much bass

Home cinema amplifiers

Pioneer VSK-527-K

Inexpensive surround amp has AirPlay and Bluetooth, but lacks punch

Dock systems

Pioneer XW-SMA3-K

Portable, network-savvy and easy to use, but it needs more entertainment value

Home cinema amplifiers

Pioneer SC-LX56

Best home cinema amplifier £700-£1500, Awards 2012. Excitement, top tech and amazing sound

Home cinema amplifiers

Pioneer SC-LX86

Best home cinema amplifier £1500+, Awards 2012. A multichannel powerhouse, the SC-LX86 sets a new benchmark at this pricepoint

Home cinema amplifiers

Pioneer VSX-922

Price cut puts this Pioneer back in the race

Music servers/clients

Pioneer N-50

Product of the Year, Awards 2013. With the N50, Pioneer has really raised the standard for streamers. We love this premium-feeling debut produ

Micro and style systems

Pioneer X-HM70

The Pioneer X-HM70 offers functionality unheard-of in micros