Philips 37PFL7603D

We've criticised some recent Philips flatscreen TVs for being too pricey, but this 37in model offers better value and top-notch performance

Mains products

Philips SPR5520

Surge protection is always welcome, but not at the expense of performance – no matter how quirky a product's appearance is

Home Cinema in a Box

Philips HTS8140

As long as you're not expecting 'proper' surround sound, this is an impressive do-it-all movie player


Philips 42PFL9703

This is one of the best 42in screens out there. Whether it's worth the money, only you can decide

Music servers/clients

Philips MCi500H

The MCi500H can rip CDs to its 160GB hard disk, links to your wi-fi network for music streaming and internet radio, and delivers a big, bold sound


Philips 47PFL9603D

It looks pretty and pictures are excellent, but this Philips has a glut of picture options and is a bit of a pain to set up and use

DVD recorders

Philips DVDR5570H

A decent DVD/HDD machine is let down by poor usability and sluggish control – it’s also at the top end of the price bracket


Philips 32PFL5403D

Turns heads with its styling and HD pictures, but isn’t quite a complete all-rounder


Philips SHE9850

Now they've had £19 knocked off the retail price, we think these buds now offer good value for the money


Philips 42PFL7603D

A stylish, feature-packed set that looks the part and performs to an exceptionally high standard – few TVs at this size deliver a better picture