Blu-ray players

Philips BDP7500

This Blu-ray player is a real flag in the sand for Philips; it holds up well against the class-leaders, and at a good price too


Philips 40PFL9704

We thought nothing would come close to matching the dramatic depth and punch of Pioneer's Kuro plasma sets. Enter Philips...


Philips 37PFL9604

Once again Philips has produced a thoroughly premium set; the only snag is that thoroughly premium price to match


Philips 47PFL7404

It's happened again - Philips has produced an all singing and all dancing set that we love. OK, blacks could be better, but we'd recommend this


Philips 47PFL9664

This is a first-rate TV from Philips, but it struggles to justify the extra cost over another Philips model, the £1200 47PFL7404

Blu-ray players

Philips BDP3000

The Philips BDP-3000 Blu-ray player has a decent picture and lively sound – all at a tantalisingly affordable price


Philips 32PFL7404

It's expensive, but this 32 inch LCD from Philips offers a lot for what you pay, and you won't be disappointed


Philips 42PFL9664

Utterly brilliant. £1500 might sound a tad pricey but this is one of the most exciting sets we've seen in years


Philips SHB9000

They're simple enough to use, but we found the sound from these Philips cans to be woefully substandard

Music servers/clients

Philips NP2900

It's got a couple of flaws and missing features, but we can't help but like this new Streamium