Blu-ray players

Onkyo DV-BD606

For the money you should experience corking Blu-ray pictures, but the Onkyo struggles to compete with players almost half its price

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-NR906

Not the best in class, but a very solid receiver in many ways, and a great choice for movie action fans

Home Cinema in a Box

Onkyo HT-S9100THX

This system offers a heck of a lot for the money, but the overall sound delivery is too much of a compromise

DVD players

Onkyo DV-SP406

May lack showroom allure but in use the '406 redeems itself spectacularly

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-SR576

A capable machine but it lacks the all-round quality, and specification, to trouble the best

Micro and style systems

Onkyo CS-525UKD

Plenty to offer but has simply been pipped at the post by a superior sounding rival

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-SR506

Still a decent contender but it's slightly off the pace of class-leader standards on audio and features

iPod docks etc

Onkyo DS-A2X

A budget-choice cradle with good audio and video playback, although there's occasionally a touch of brightness and lack of weight to the sound

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-SR606

We’re still big fans of the TX-SR606, but new models from rival brands have seriously upped the ante

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-NR905

Few receivers at less than £2000 have the ’905’s cast-iron grip and authority