Micro and style systems

Onkyo CS-545UK

The Onkyo CS-545UK keeps things simple and is all the better for it

Home Cinema in a Box

Onkyo HT-BD3315

There's a perfectly good Home Cinema system crying to get out here, but this Onkyo is hamstrung by its lacklustre speakers

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-NR808

Best receiver £500-£1000, Awards 2010. There are dozens of reasons why the 'NR808 is amazing for the money, and a great Award winner

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-SR308

Working to a tight budget? The Onkyo TX-SR308 will do a perfectly good job

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-SR608

Home cinema amplifier Product of the Year, Awards 2010. Supremely competitive and capable product in a particularly cut-throat field

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-SR507

As entry-level machines go the TX-SR507 is inoffensive enough, but we've come to expect better from Onkyo

iPod docks etc

Onkyo ND-S1

Hats off to Onkyo for moving into the digital docks market – and for making it so affordable

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-NR807

The Onkyo TX-NR807 is a good amp, that with greater subtlety could be a great amp

Hi-fi amplifiers

Onkyo A-5VL

Onkyo must be applauded for taking the plunge into affordable digital amps, but the A-5VL is beaten by the best analogue alternatives

Home cinema amplifiers

Onkyo TX-SR607

Not the most agile amp at this price-point, but the Onkyo is still an appealing, feature-packed machine with plenty of clout