UPDATE: Sony pins hopes on PlayStation 4 as affordable home entertainment hub, watch the live video launch tonight

20 Feb 2013

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Update 20.02.13

Sony's launch event for the new PlayStation is being held in the US from 11pm tonight (UK time) and you can watch the live video feed right here.

Published 11.02.13

The Sony PlayStation 4 could cost as little as £270 at launch, according to reports, as Sony hopes to make the PS4 the "nerve centre" for all your home multimedia needs.

Set to be announced on Wednesday February 20th, the PlayStation 4 is a key product for Sony, who recently refocused its future around mobile products, digital imaging and gaming machines.

Accordingly, the PS4 is set to major on connectivity with other devices and new mobile playing options, with the new flagship Xperia Z phone no doubt set to feature in the PlayStation launch.

Like the PlayStation 3, which was one of the first Blu-ray players as well as a games console, the PS4 will be billed as a home entertainment device much more than just a gaming machine.

4K Ultra HD capability is also likely to figure somewhere in the PS4's specification, while a newly-designed touchscreen controller is also likely. 

Rumours suggest the PS4 is expected to employ an 8-core AMD64 Bulldozer CPU – comprising 4 dual-cores, 8GB of RAM, 2.2GB video memory and a 160GB HDD.

Reports from Japan suggest the the Playstation 4 could cost around 40,000 yen, which could in turn mean a sub-£300 price tag for the UK.

Despite renewing its focus on the games business, the company has struggled. Sony's operating profit in the gaming division during the October-December quarter, which included the Christmas shopping season, fell 86% to 4.6 billion yen.

Particularly bad were sales of the PS Vita, the handheld game console launched in December 2011 as the successor to Sony's PlayStation Portable. As a result, industry executives are wary of predicting a PS4-related sales bonanza.  

A Sony PlayStation launch event is scheduled for Wednesday February 20th.


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How annoying is this!! How many more game demos??? When are they going to show the PS4 console!!!  

Sony could have done so much more with the ps3. They seem to be too focussed on locking down the firmware instead of developing new features. If Music Unlimited was as good as Spotify and I could link multiple ps3's together I would quite happily have bought a second console but instead my money went to Sonos. A ps3 would have been much cheaper! It's almost as if Sony refused to improve the ps3 for fear of losing sales elsewhere in their product range.

All very good as long as the PS4 doesnt sound like the space shuttle taking off, the way the PS3 does.

Easily the noisiest piece of kit in my rack.