LG reveals world's first curved OLED TV for 2013

9 Jan 2013

UPDATE: LG curved OLED to go on sale "second half" of 2013

LG is showing-off the world's first curved 3D OLED TVs on its stand at CES 2013, the LG EA9800.

Televisions have dominated CES so far, with 4K Ultra HD resolution TVs and OLED screens stealing the show, but LG has thrown in a curveball with the world's first, well, curved OLED TVs.

The 55in screens are on show delivering standard 1080p Full HD content, with impossibly slim dimensions and an impressive 5-degree curved angle.

The curved OLED has cinema 3D (passive) technology, too, and promises to be more immersive thanks to a viewing distance that's the same distance from your eyes to any point on the screen.

It's built on the LG EA9800 OLED TV, the flagship OLED TV in the range.

It was a late addition to the LG CES stand, so there are no confirmed details on release date or price for Korea let alone the UK. 

Samsung curved OLED

And in another twist, it appears Samsung also has a curved OLED TV (above) – and it's also claiming it to be the world's first.

Attracting plenty of interest from visitors to the Samsung stand, as you can see, and so likely soon to be joined by curved screens from other manufacturers(!),  the screen is described as 'breaking the barrier of innovation in home entertainment'.

Samsung says that the curved screen, the result of the company 'leveraging its expertise in display technology', provides depth to the content displayed for a more life-like viewing experience.

It adds 'Viewing visual contents on Samsung’s Curved OLED TV is a comfortable experience for the human eye, as the curved panel allows the distance between the user and TV screen to be the same from almost any angle.'

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Not if they start making it in a (affordable) 110" diagonal variant! Wink


I was thinking the same thing about the viewing angle.

If you look at the closest set in the picture above you'll see what were getting at.

Surely sat off axis will create a rather weird looking picture and would surely be a headache watching 3D.

"...5-degree curved angle...promises to be more immersive thanks to a viewing distance that's the same distance from your eyes to any point on the screen."

Sounds really nice in principle, but if there is more than one viewer then this would not be the case for anyone off axis. Off axis viewers may find the nearest edge to be viewed at a steeper angle than the far edge.

Did you get this impression when looking at the sets at the show?