UPDATE: £200 32GB Google Nexus 7 confirmed, £150 less than iPad Mini

27 Oct 2012

Google Nexus 7

Update 27.10.12

Our sister site Stuff.tv has confirmation that there'll be a 32GB Google Nexus 7 tablet on sale for just £200 in time for Christmas. That makes it a massive £150 less than the equivalent 32GB iPad Mini.

Stuff reader Conor Craig spotted a photo of the £200 32GB Nexus 7 in the Argos catalogue.

It now seems highly likely that the 8GB Nexus 7, already out of stock at many retailers, will be dropped from the line-up.

The 16GB Nexus 7 has already dropped to £170 at PC World, as we reported yesterday (see below).

It seems that Google is playing hard ball with its pricing strategy, which begs the question: what wil be the price of the Samsung-made Google Nexus 10 tablet, due to be unveiled on Monday, October 29th?

Published 26.10.12

Ooh, this is interesting. PC World is now offering the 16GB Google Nexus 7 – our 2012 Portable Product of the Year – for a full £100 less than the iPad Mini. It's dropped to £170, against the £270 16GB iPad Mini.

There's been much debate since the unveiling of the iPad Mini earlier this week about Apple's pricing strategy, not least on our own Forums.

Could that mean the 32GB Nexus 7 will drop to the 16GB model's previous price tag of £200? That would make it a £150 cheaper than its iPad Mini equivalent.

It looks like an all-out price war in the tablet market may not be far off, although we don't see Apple dropping its prices any time soon.

We'll have a Group Test of all the latest tablets in the December issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, on sale from November 16th. It promises to be a fascinating test!

Google is expected to launch the Nexus 4 at a press event on October 29th.

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OK, I have now been to Specsavers and I have to agree that the Nexus 7 promises to be a bit of a bargain. You get an awful lot for your money. BUT, Android is so clunky compared to its Cupertino equivalent. The range of apps is considerably fewer. It is more difficult to make the darn thing communicate with my other devices. The screen, while better than I expected, is not as good as the iPad mini, nor the camera, nor the sound, although I like the idea of upgradeable storage. OK I am basing my comparison on spec sheets, as I have the held the two devices in my hand. I also imagined that the Google device would be plastic which it is not.

The bottom line however, is that one firm has produced a device UP to a standard, the other DOWN to a price. So just as with cars, cameras and (ahem) hi-fi. You get what you pay for.

Incidentally, those who are fuming at the recent upgrade of the iPad, just remember that iPad 3 was, and is, way out in front of the current tablet field. The only thing better is version 4, and while version three has been superseded, it is still supported - try getting an audio dock with a lightning connector in less than 6 months.


Just shows how out of touch Apple's pricing is.

The war has begun. Apple will suffer sales.

I am buying one of these.

Excellent - a 32Gb tablet for £200?  That'll do me.  Not desirable?  Should've gone to Specsavers Trefor...  ;-)   Looks the part to me.  The iPad's good alright, but Apple's pricing is beginning to look top heavy for some of this gear now that better and more competitive units are being turned out.  And not just price either; Android is a killer platform and with regular updates, Apple need to come up with a fresh approach in the next 12 months.

Actually, I don't think the Nexus 7 build quality is inferior at all. The back of my iPad 2 scratches easily which has forced me to keep it in a case permanently. But the back of Nexus 7 is quite sturdy & scratch proof.  I haven't bothered to buy a case for it.

People who buy the Nexus are less concerned about desirability and more about having a device that lets them do things the way they like to and not in a way that's been pre-determined by someone else in a restrictive eco-system. Oh, and lets not forget  - something that has a support cycle that's longer than an elephants gestation period

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The reason people buy the iThingy is. 1) Much, much better operating system. 2) Far, Far greater choice of Apps most of which are made by third party, freelance individuals. 3) Much, Much, Much superior build quality. And then finally there are some fashion bunnies who buy it for image alone. (A mirror image the the holier-than-thou brigade who will suffer a clunky operating system in a cheap plastic product which will probably break before the next generation comes out, just so they can claim to not be following Apple).  Apple got to where it is by providing a better product against overwhelming competition. 

When somebody (whoever it is) comes up with a tablet that works better, is better made and more fun than the iPad, I will buy it. Even if it costs more.

Apple may not decrease its prices, but resellers will. I have noticed that resellers offer significant discounts on Apple products which don't sell as well. 

Ask Direct is offering Macbook Pro at a 15% discount via Groupon currently. There were offers of iPad 3 for £349 since 2 months, until this launch. It's now even cheaper! Not long ago, Argos was offering an iPod nano at almost 50% discount.

Apple TV is available at a significant discount everywhere but Apple.

Been confirmed that the 32GB version is £150 cheaper, a little over half price for better performance. But .... it is difficult to show off with an Asus!!! So we can expect tons of rotten fruit to be bought up by a fat guy in a bright red suit before December 25th.

It's a great product, i'm sure it is.

However, Apple will not be decreasing their prices.

1) they never do

2) pre-orders have sold out! apple always win win win....

Well, the ipad 3 lasted all of 6 months and the iphone 5 will be lucky to last that long. Nexus will win by a mile.

More importantly, it does prove, in a way, the independence of WhatHiFi. Some of the other journalists elsewhere, clearly on the Apple payroll, have been embarrassing to read. One online magazine devoted no less than 18 seperate articles on the ipad mini launch. We are lucky to have WhatHiFi, who call it as they see it.

The Nexus is a cheaper, less desirable product with a smaller screen; it should cost less than the iPad Mini.

It's widely known that Google are selling them at cost price in an attempt to muscle into the content market. They don't make any money on the Nexus and make no money off the operating system, so any price cuts will be costing them.

People who buy the Nexus are less concerned about desirability and more about having a device that lets them do things the way they like to and not in a way that's been pre-determined by someone else in a restrictive eco-system. Oh, and lets not forget  - something that has a support cycle that's longer than an elephants gestation period

Grrrr, I want a refund.


That'll teach me!

£100 cheaper and STILL its less desirable.