Sony halts sales of new Xperia S tablet

5 Oct 2012

Sony Xperia Tablet S

Sony has halted sales of its new Xperia Tablet S, which was unveiled at IFA in Berlin during August.

One of the highlights of the new model was its splash-resistant coating, but it seems manufacturing problems with the device mean it hasn't been as waterproof as expected.

The Android-powered tablet has been on sale for around a month and about 100,000 units have been shipped, according to Sony.

The company says it will repair any damaged tablets and a spkesperson told the BBC a manufacturing flaw was to blame for the problem.

There is no indication yet when sales will restart.

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I was expecting a Sony related response. You must have exhausted your reportoire.

Read on fellow, read on. Tut!

DrF.mbe,calm down you have no need to post your CV for everyone to see,then again you state your area of expertise is supposed..."presumption is a fools tool",so if anyone presumes anything,in your book,they are foolish,i presume it may rain today,so i had better take an umbrella...Its ok,MBE,we all believe you.Wink

Hmm, would you care to share some of the recent innovations Sony were solely responsible for bringing into the field?

The TV sets have not had a smooth ride over the last couple of years, regardless of what you might have read on some dubious review sites.

They are seriously cutting back on set productions especially at various locations around the world.

The market share that they used to enjoy along with the overstated premium price tag have bit them in the EDITED on several projects in the recent future.

The Xperia mobile phone has serious shortcomings and will not spark the enthusiasm back into the brand as Sony predicted.

They are getting repeatedly battered  by Panasonic, Samsung and LG on the AV market and Blu ray has been dead in the water since its stillbirth.

I don't know how you can judge me on my area of supposed expertise, you don't know me, presumption is a fool's tool.

I have been reviewing consumer electronic equipment of many genre's for the past 23 years, attended hundreds of venues around the world, introduced to countless marketing men from the world's top 20 blue chip consumer electronics companies and although I am now not in that arena anymore I still placate myself with its wares from time to time.

A quick search of Sony Europe projected financial forecast for the last 5 years was all I needed to affirm my initial thoughts. The internet is a great tool, so great infact that you should maybe invest some time in discovering how it works, it will change your life and maybe your perception of some things. God willing.


In some size categories, yes, as we've reported in several Supertests in the magazine.

@ DrF.mbe, Thats a bit nasty,at least they try not flood the market with a monthly upgrade for some new network feature or other...they are fixing the situation. Considering sony are responsible for countless innovations,using their "once proud name",do you have a clue how hard it is to "innovate",in this near golden age of thought so.

On top? Better than Samsung and Panasonic's comparably priced products?

Well the 2012 Sony TV range has impressed us mightily - the company is certainly back on top in that market.

That might have killed it, expect these to flood the market with under pricing.

Come on Sony, you have been found out over the last few years. Some really poor products.

You cannot keep trading on your once proud brand name anymore.