Sky adds Eurosport to its HD channel line-up

15 Jul 2008

Eurosport HD
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BSkyB has added Eurosport HD to its Sky HD service, making it the company's nineteenth high-definition TV channel.

The launch of Eurosport HD means sports fans in the UK and Ireland will be able to watch the last ten days of the Tour de France and the Beijing Olympic Games in high-definition this summer.

Eurosport HD (channel 412 on the Sky+ HD electronic programme guide) joins a host of other HD channels on Sky: Sky Sports HD; Sky Movies Premier HD, Sky One HD, The History Channel HD, Nat Geo HD and Sky Arts HD.

Sky claims 500,000 families in the UK now subscribe to its HD service, and says it broadcasts more than 7000 hours of HD content each month.

Sky+ HD costs £150 for new and existing customers when taken with the Sky HD Mix package. 

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why's it in 4:3?

Eurosport has tended to show different stuff from the BBC during the Olympics in the past, especially when there are no major events taking place

Interestingly I can get The HD version at the moment even though I don't subscribe to the package that includes Eurosport. The scenery for the Tour de France should look good in HD. although the picture I've just looked at is nothing much to write home about, certainly not on a par with Sky sports HD.

Not quite sure why they're making an issue of Olympics coverage when the BBC will be showing it all in HD anyway.... Unless Eurosport is showing different coverage?