Samsung Ultra HD F9000 4K TVs arrive in the UK

17 Jul 2013

Samsung F9000 4K TV

Samsung has announced that its F9000 range of 55in and 65in Ultra HD 4K TVs will go on sale in the UK this month for £4000 and £6000 respectively. This follows the launch of the Samsung 85in S9 4K TV in April at a somewhat pricier £35,000.

Like Sony, Samsung entered the 4K TV market at the top end, and is now bringing 'more affordable' models to market.

Offering four times the resolution of standard high definition, the F9000 sets feature a Samsung Quadmatic Picture Engine, Quad Core processing and Precision Black/Micro Dimming LED technology for deeper blacks.

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Standard-definition and high-definition content is upscaled to 4K resolution, and as for sound the combined power of the built-in speakers is 70W.

The Samsung UE55F9000 and UE65F9000 also come equipped with Samsung's usual array of smart TV features including voice control.

By Andy Clough

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Any idea when the Samsung might be in for a review? Cheers

Sony has already released a statement saying it will guarantee that all its first-gen 4K TVs will be upgraded if necessary to make them compatible with future 4K content and services.

UPDATE 07.09.13

Sony confirmed at IFA 2013 that its X9 series will get a firmware upgrade over the internet to make them compatible with HDMI 2.0.

Without HDMI 2 being finalized and implemented this is another oddly-timed release. At least with the Samsung the replaceable input board might future-proof it, so it is looking more atttractive than the Sony for access to 4k content later. OTOH Sony got the idea of exploting the 4k to do full 3D at full resolution in passive mode -  a trick Samsung seems to have missed. 

When What HIFI does a first group test on the initial 4k offerings (please wait till Panny release) it would be really useful to probe to what extent these sets are g'teed to be compatible with HDMi 2.

 4k is a new TV experience, and yes you need to be well off to buy it. Don't think for a moment that these sets will go down in price..It will take a wee bit longer and the sets are already discounted at the lowest RRP.I cannot see Sony or Samsung lowering the prices till next year.

As the sets are LED side lit they share the latest 1080p technology(micro/edge lit dimming,triluminous,VA panels etc) so these sets would not improve that much over the years, The hdmi interface could support 120hz but I cannot see movies made on this frequency  

If people feel 4k is very expensive, then you can forget about OLED 1080p(avaliable in the UK on preorder fromLG) which is even more expensive!! 

If you want it then start saving up! It is a new TV experience only a few lucky ones will feast their eyes on.

As an analogy,I would have a mercedes racing car in my garage even if there is no legal race track on the road......but we know 4k TV with bluray or '4k' remastered looks finer than 1080p TV with bluray so you will see 'pesudo 4k in action'.

The future TV is 4k  LEDs but yes we need them cheaper!






Rest assured this is all abundantly clear to them. They are counting on those deep pocketed, early adopters suckers that can't wait to have the latest and greatest regardless of all the really obvious, rational reasons against it you pointed out. Do yourself a favor, and don't be a sucker and fall for the hype that What HiFi and all the rest of the tech websites are creating in a flagrant marketing effort on behalf of the manufacturers.

Do Samsung have any plans to supply 4K content for the tvs though??

Without native 4K content to watch on them they are as useless and pointless as Sonys offerings, when will manufacturers wake up and realise that a 4K tv with no 4K content is a completely pointless exercise?