Russ Andrews tunes up Humax's YouView set-top box

15 Nov 2012

Russ Andrews YouView box

Having previously upgraded Sky, Freeview and Freesat set-top boxes, Russ Andrews Accessories has now turned its hand to the Award-winning Humax DTR-T1000 YouView box, our Best Digital TV Recorder 2012.

Modifications start with improvements to the power supply: the capacitors have been upgraded, an IEC socket has been fitted so the user can upgrade the mains cable and Russ Andrews' silencer and clarity mains filters have been added.

Components within the HDMI and Scart output stages have been upgraded too, and the tuner input uses higher quality parts. Finally, the boxes are supplied with Russ Andrew Big Cone Feet.

The upgraded Russ Andrews YouView box is supplied wit a 1TB hard drive and costs £599.

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Its insulting to think that RA would think some one would cough up such a silly amount of money for about being desperate, Just stick to selling speaker cables and expensive mains leads. Next they will be upgrading circuit bourds on Plasmas,LEDS, LCDs Oh and speakers.

It would probably lose all of it's VFM rating (and it's 5 stars and award) if reviewed in this incarnation with it's £300 premium.

I'm getting superb pictures and sound from my non-Russ'ed HDR Fox T2 on which this is based. It's a superb product and i've no doubt the YouView box is just as good.

(Can't Humax, Sky and the other manufacturers of these devices stop him messing around with their designs?)

I'd like to see what Apple would do with him if he tried the same thing with any of their products.

improvement to hdmi and scart just a joke then you will need to buy the best scart and hdmi leads, im off to see the bank manager now.

And all this does.......Really as if things are not hard enough. still i am sure some one will be sucked in to this B......t

Russ is getting desperate.