Radioplayer's 'iPlayer for radio' launches today

31 Mar 2011

Radioplayer is a hub for UK radio

Radioplayer has launched today in the UK, aiming to be a new hub for radio stations in the UK.

Delivering BBC, commercial and local stations, Radioplayer will combine live radio and on-demand content in one place.

A not-for-profit company founded by the BBC, Global Radio, Guardian Media Group, Absolute Radio and RadioCentre, Radioplayer has been dubbed both the Freeview and iPlayer of radio.

The online hub will offer 150 radio stations, with another 150 local and community stations poised to join the service in the coming weeks.

The service has a search option for finding live and on-demand broadcasts. Initially it will only work on devices that are capable of running Adobe's Flash platform.

A version capable of running on Apple devices is expected to follow shortly.

Head to the Radioplayer website for more information and to see the service in action.

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The new player is not as good as the old one, it has no time display.

Previously, moving the programme progress slider back and forth gave an indication of the programme time according to the position of the slider, thus one could get back or forward to a specific time position. Not anymore.



It's a shame there's no recording facility

Great,tried it through my rCube and liked it.Will be even better in the coming weeks i"m sure.