Pioneer offers up to £350 off award-winning AV receivers

4 Dec 2012

Pioneer TradeIn

Pioneer is today launching a trade-in offer, enabling customers to get up to £350 off the SC-LX56, SC-LX76 and SC-LX86 AV receivers.

The LX Trade-in is taking place across the UK and will allow you to get rid of any old kit, whether working or broken, from any manufacturer, and get money off the price of a new Pioneer LX AV reciever.

Pioneer is offering up to £350 off the price of the three receivers, which includes the award-winning SC-LX56 and SC-LX86 amps, at any of its participating Pioneer dealers.

Pioneer SC-LX56

Geoff Wood, channel sales manager at Pioneer, says: “The audio industry is moving forwards at such a pace, that it can be difficult for customers to justify buying the latest equipment.

"Hopefully, this scheme will give more people the chance to really get the most out of their home entertainment systems.”

You can find out more information, and your nearest participating dealer, by visiting the Pioneer LX Trade website.

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& i cant afford to replace my mouse!

Yeah,even in this cash strapped era,some definately have more money than sense...Well for some..

'Ditching' a 1 year old receiver? More money than sense...

Sounds like "five series owners aren't bothering to move to six series as we didn't offer enough new features.Plus those new twenty series Yamaha's sound mighty good".
I know I just ditched my LX85 for an Aventage A3020,and I'm a real Pioneer fan!