New cable from Henley is a jack-of-all-trades

2 Jul 2008

Henley's Wave cable
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They say it's "not just another coax cable", and with its bright, olive green insulation Henley certainly aren't wrong. The colour's appropriate, as they're keen to push the company's eco-credentials: all their cables are PVC and halogen free – which is apparently A Good Thing – use lead-free solder and come in environmentally friendly packaging.

But what's more interesting, as far as we're concerned, is that the Wave has a high natural bandwidth, making it suitable for both audio and 75 ohm video - that means cable/aerial TV, video, surround-sound and even S/PDIF digital audio, meaning it's as near as dammit to a universal AV cable.

The Wave comes pre-terminated with 24k gold RCA connectors and starts at £100 for 0.8m.

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