Match of the Day comes to iPlayer as BBC extends deal

25 May 2012

Match of the DayMatch of the Day will stay on the BBC for further three years after the BBC agreed a new deal worth £179.7m.

The deal will also see the Saturday night showing of Match of the Day available on the BBC iPlayer for the first time.

Previously only Match of the Day 2 was available on BBC iPlayer but now both programmes will be available on the catch-up TV service.

The Saturday night airing of Match of the Day will become available at midnight on Mondays.

The new deal starts at the end of next season, 2012-13, ensuring the programme will be on the BBC until at least the 2015-16 season.

Match of the Day will celebrate its 50th anniversary in August 2014.

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Proffski you need to get out more and get a life. The mags called what hifi sound and VISION  MOTD is VISION if i am not mistaken.  

Well, this sounds like it is going to be good for those who love it. I hope that you will keep us updated, especially if there is going to be any 50th anniversary celebrations happening.


New technologies mean that there are going to be more people who can read favorite sports than there ever were in the past.

So, this is Hi-Fi?  THe depths that this disease permeates the layers of our society frightens me.