Lord Of The Rings tops consumers' Blu-ray wishlist

15 Sep 2008

Lord of the Rings Blu-ray?
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If you could choose to see any film on Blu-ray, what would you choose? According to TDK, most of us would plump for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, closely followed by Terminator, Gladiator, Rocky and Casablanca.

The OnePoll survey was taken by 1500 people who, perhaps unsurprisingly, seem to favour taking a look at a classic, highly-charged action movie in HD.

It's all in the name of TDK, formerly of blank tape fame, now hoping to be of blank Blu-ray fame, and the launch of the company's Life On Record Trailer in Covent Garden.

This is a gallery devoted to showing the history of recording media, which finishes with a look in to the future with, we all hope, Blu-ray recording.

The TDK Life On Record Trailer is currently on 'a European Tour', and will be in London's Covent Garden from 10am to 10pm on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th September.

Still, back to Blu-ray, and which film would you like to see released on the HD format?

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I have to admit that I'm a little confused by some people's wishlists.

Blade Runner is already out on Blu-ray. I know because I have the Ultimate Edition Deckard Briefcase edition.

It's excellent, though it does keep blowing the 2A fuse on my Kef THX Reference subwoofer!

The image quality is worth it, even if it's not consistently perfect throughout. Not bad considering the age of the original though.

Personally I'm salivating at the thought of LOTR Extended Editions on Blu-ray, along with the upcoming Matrix Trilogy. Perfect!

if LOTR does come out i might then feel justified in buying a bluray player!! it's the one i've been waiting for.

I've got The Thing and Blade Runner in my HD DVD collection, and jolly good they are too.

For me it would be Star Wars and LOTR in HD. If those came out I'd be a happy man. Apparently Sky showed the Star Wars trilogy in HD a while ago, if they showed them again they'd be getting recorded and marked as 'keep' forever

..and what is wrong with THX Alantiggger?

Setting THX standards is one of the best things that's ever happened to cinema as it pushed sound quality forwards massively. Its true to say that these days not all home equipment meets the THX standard, but that doesn't mean that the quality of that equipment hasn't been pushed along by trying to keep up with the equipment that does.

Star Wars sucked ... so we could really do without it tbh added to the fact that Lucas is in love with his THX (lolz),

as for LOTR's, Jackson's just , milking IT for all it's worth really ... thats why there were / are  extended versions as well.

Blade Runner would rock though !

For me it's got to be Star Wars, I've been holding out for a possible definitive box set on DVD, it'll be even better on blu ray if Lucas et al could get round to it (please please please).



That IS out on Blu-Ray.... I have it in my collection!

The LOTR trilogy for sure but we mustn't forget Blade Runner!

Yeah totally agree with LOTR and Star Wars I would aslo like to see War of the Worlds and Saving Private Ryan on Blu ray


'Star Wars' for me - or 'The Thing' by Carpenter. Loads more but that would turn into another 'Top Ten.....'!



I backed the wrong horse- HD DVD. Damn! Sad

Not exactly a film, I know, but I have three boxed sets of Cirque du Soleil shows and I would love a one-disc three (six??) hour edited 'Best Of' with multiple camera angles and high quality sound. Sticking to movies, a great film by Hector Babenco with an all-star cast which (as far as I can find out) never made it to DVD - At Play In The Fields of The Lord.

It's taking so long because they're having to re-do much of the CGI, which becomes all-too-apparent in HD. Or that's the repeated rumour, anyhow....

I was only discussing this with a friend yesterday - we were in agreement that LOTR trilogy would be fantastic on Blu-ray, particularly the extended versions. So why is it taking so long?!