JVC dock sports a brace of iPods

23 Jun 2008

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 JVC may help prevent divorce in many a household by coming up with this dual-iPod dock. You know how it goes: "Why do I always have to listen to the music on your iPod? It's rubbish! I much prefer the songs on mine..."

Now domestic harmony can break out as the JVC NX-PN7 can hold two iPods simultaneously and play music from either. It will charge both iPods at the same time, and if you have a non-Apple MP3 player there's an analogue audio input for connecting other types.

You also get a built-in AM/FM radio, a clock and timer, and a video output for connecting the device to your TV (although we're not sure you'd want to watch YouTube videos on a 50in plasma).

The illuminated strips under each iPod can display one of nine colours, so you can even have his 'n hers colour options. The standard remote features a click-wheel to mirror that of the iPod.

The JVC NX-PN7 is currently available in the US of A for $150. Expect to see it this side of the Atlantic soon.

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Imagine the sitcom-style 'hilarity' when you grab your other-half's iPod by mistake when rushing out of the door. I can hear the canned laughter now...