IFA 2012: Samsung 55in OLED TV marks "a new era in TV"

30 Aug 2012

Samsung ES9500

More details have emerged this morning of Samsung's 55in ES9500 OLED TV, first seen at CES in Las Vegas last January.

It marks "the beginning of a new era in the TV industry", according to Samsung, with richer colours and faster response times than its current LCD/LED sets.

With no need for a separate light source, the ES9500 offers response times more than a thousand times faster than LCD screens, the company claims.

"This translates into action scenes and sports producing realistic 3D experiences that are virtually crosstalk-free," says Samsung.

Other features of this OLED set include MultiView, a feature that allows two people to watch two different shows simultaneously on the same screen, with the ability to hear each programme separately using Samsung Multi-View 3D glasses with integrated headphones.

This feature is made possible thanks to the OLED TV's high processing speeds and Samsung's wireless technology.

No word on pricing yet for the Samsung ES9500, but Kim Hyun-souk, head of Samsung's TV business, has estimated that the OLED screen will be priced at more than KRW11m ($9600), twice as much as Samsung's most expensive current flatscreen TV. We'll let you know if we get an update on that with UK pricing.

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yes we need and want oled TVs now...Leds/lcd variants are living on borrowed times with their shoddy IPS screens and average contrasts. We are programmed to see and notice contrast changes more than sharpness(dpi)

I don't think the mass market in the West is ready for OLEDs and at twice the price of a LED Samsung ES8000...now a Sony HX 853 55 inch model is 40% less in cost and that TV isn't been sold by the metric tonne.

OLed TVs It isn't a - how to get ..anybody...(say Sony) out of a TV  lost making solution? It is a high end...for now.... sell very few product and likely propped up by other mass market product revenues ...


The Pioneer Kuro plasmas..the price and none mass market appeal killed its viability and that was before the consumer credit squeeze