How to get the best from your TV

21 Jul 2008

How to get the best from your TV
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If you've just bought a shiny new flatscreen TV, don't just take it out of the box, plug it in and leave it at that. A few minutes spent fine-tuning the picture and tweaking the settings will improve the picture quality no end.

Not sure how to do that? Fear not, here at it's our mission to help you get the best out of your home cinema and hi-fi kit, so we've just uploaded a new 'How to get the best from your TV' video guide, packed with handy technical tips.

We've covered everything from choosing the right screen size for your room, ideal viewing distances,  positioning and tuning, through to calibrating your picture using the THX Optimiser DVD.

Want to know more? Then check it out here.


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The centre of the screen should be at eye-level, trevor. Worth bearing in mind if you're wall-mounting a TV - unless you're a giraffe, that is...

The guide says the TV should be at eye level, but which part of the TV should be at eye level (e.g. half way up, one third of the way up)?