Govt sets target to cut illegal filesharing by 80 per cent by 2011

25 Jul 2008

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Not content with getting internet service providers (ISPs) to write to customers who illegally download and share music online, as we reported yesterday, the Government has now set a secret target of reducing illegal filesharing by 80 per cent by 2011.

According to, the objective was outlined in a letter from Baroness Vadera, the business minister, sent on July 22.

Vadera hopes to "significantly reduce" illegal filesharing in the next two to three years.

"I would regard a reduction as 'significant' if it had reduced the number of people filesharing unlawfully in the UK by well over 50 per cent, and we hope in the region of 70-80 per cent from a baseline to be agreed, with work to start immediately, rather than waiting for legislation," she said.

However, many commentators believe the music industry has acted too late, including our own Deputy Editor, Dominic Dawes. You can read his blog on the subject here.

Six ISPs – BT, Virgin, Orange, Tiscali, BSkyB and Carphone Warehouse – have signed up to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

But it remains to be seen how hard they will come down on their fee-paying customers. The deal only commits broadband companies to "working towards a significant reduction"in the illegal sharing of music.



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They will not ever stop it.  The record and film industry have been so greedy even today with its prices , just look at a blu ray dvd price , its far too expensive  so people will still download  and as for ISPs warning people this wil not work well as they will loose customers not to mention they will soon not know who is who and downloading what as ever more torrent privacy sites will emerge and hide you from the network and you ISP will not even see you on the net so the only way to stop it is to reduce prices of dvds and probably release them globally at the same time as most dvds downloaded in the uk are NTSC format from america as the dvd is not even release here yet.

using the American way, will eventually lead to more piracy.

as the war on piracy is a war u can't win, because people will always find new ways faster then a government can to prevent it.

plus governments have this amazing talent to hire all the wrong company's and all the wrong people.

rice is going to grow in the UK by next year.