Debenhams' sound system in a jacket designed to combat thieves

26 Nov 2012

No, hasn't suddenly turned into a fashion website. But we thought you might be interested in this snazzy new jacket from Debenhams, which includes a built-in sound system and controls for your smartphone or MP3 player.

The idea is to protect your precious smartphone or music player from thieves when you're out and about.

Given that 264 mobile phone thefts a day were reported in the first eight months of 2012 (a rise of 7% over 2011), that's no bad thing.

The £76 coat is designed by Communiqué Vox (C.VOX) and includes headphones, speakers and the controls to skip, pause and play your music. There's a 3.5mm connector in one of the pockets which is compatible with smartphones and portable music players.

And the speaker, microphone for taking phone calls and controls are all waterproof so the coat can be washed without damaging the system. The earphones are wired through the jacket and concealed in the collar to avoid any unnecessary tangling.

As well as the coat shown here, the C.VOX range includes gilets and hooded sweatshirts with a similar built-in speaker system.

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Surely this just means that thieves will now steal your phone AND your coat....

Is it fitted with wallet and car key pockets so that you can lose everything at once? Is "Communiqué Vox" french for "single egg basket" by any chance? 

If I was a thief, I know who I'd be targetting from now on.....

I think you'll find it was meant to be ironic.

Some strange new meaning of the word "snazzy" that I was not previously acquainted with.