From headphones to tablets, radios to wireless speakers and more – we round up some of the best gift ideas out there under £200 for Christmas 2015.

With Black Friday out of the way and summer fast becoming a distant memory, there's no getting away from the fact that Christmas is now around the corner. We're counting down with a series of gift idea round-ups for the tech-minded person in you life. Or just for yourself.

This time around we're setting £200 as our benchmark and rounding-up of some of the best tech buys on the market, from DACs to headphones, desktop speakers to radios.

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Wharfedale DS-1

Five stars

Tested at £130

If it's improved desktop audio your recipient craves this year then the 2015 Award-winning DS-1s are perfect. They're small in size but big when it comes to sound, delivering a well-balanced sound that has more power behind it than you'd expect.

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Shure SE425

Five Stars

Tested at £200 

An award-winner in their own right, the Shure SE425 headphones offer a splendidly deep and immersive sound performance, as you would expect at this price. If you're after a serious pair of earbuds this Christmas, these are the best in-ears at this price.

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Awards: Best in-ear headphones

Philips Fidelio M1MKII

Five Stars

Tested at £180 

If you're after a new smartphone, music player or just some new tunes this Christmas, then the Philips Fidelio M1MKIIs will serve as a great accompaniment. Another award-winner to come in under £200, the M1MKIIs are small enough to be portable, but big enough to deliver an impressive sound at the same time.

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Q Acoustics 3020

Five stars

Tested at £190

The 3020s are simply outstanding. For the money you get a sound performance that goes way beyond what you'd expect. They're relatively easy going, but you should take some care with parterning equipment, otherwise we can't fault them one bit.

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Awards 2015: Best stereo speakers

Roberts Stream 93i

Five Stars

Tested at £150 

Always a popular Christmas gift, our Product of the Year in the radio category at the What Hi-Fi? Awards 2015 combines sublime sound quality, exceptional build quality and a wealth of features. This Roberts radio supports FM, DAB and Internet radio, as well as coming with Spotify Connect on board. 

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Awards 2015: Best radios

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Audio Pro Addon T3

Five stars

Tested at £150

The wireless speaker market is flooded with new entries year after year, which can make it feel like finding the best one on a budget is nigh-on impossible. After much testing, however, it's clear the Audio Pro Addon T3 is the best in the sub-£200 price bracket. It's the perfect portable, wireless speaker.

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Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2

Five Stars

Tested at £130 

Treat your computer's tunes with the Dragonfly v1.2. This USB DAC had its innards tweaked in an effort to improve the already great sound quality, and the result was a complete success. Tracks are delivered with great detail and timing, serving-up a solid performance and making this an absolute steal for £130.

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Sony BDP-S7200

Five Stars

Tested at £230 

The 7200 was a repeat Award-winner in 2015 thanks to its list of features, fantastic picture and outstanding sound quality. It's also a fine way to upgrade a not-so-clever home cinema system into a fully-featured entertainment hub, just in time for some Christmas couch action. It may have been tested at a smidge over £200, but you can now pick it up around the £150 mark.

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Atacama Moseco 6

Five Stars

Tested at £120 

Speakers need stands - in an ideal world, they really shouldn't have to settle for a sideboard (or worse). The Atacama Moseco 6 stands took top honours once again at our Awards this year, and rightly so. They provide a solid base for your speakers and an intuitive cable management system. Team these stands with the Q Acoustics 3020 speakers mentioned earlier and you'll have a great sounding speaker set-up.

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Onkyo A-9010

Five stars

Tested at £200 

We've already mentioned this Onkyo amplifier in our round-up of Christmas gift ideas for music fans, but it fits perfectly into this list too. For £200 you get an awful lot for you money, not least a sound that we described as "something special". A true bargain.

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