CEDIA NEWS: The ultimate in 'private' home cinema

24 Jun 2008

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If there's one place you can expect to see the truly wacky and futuristic, it's at a CEDIA show. And this year is no different: OV/E is the name of a brand and a single product, the astonishing personal home cinema 'pod' you see here.

The OV/E is designed to provide a total audio-visual environment complete with surround sound, touchscreen controls, a vibrating seat and – in the case of this black one on show at CEDIA – a steering wheel and pedals so that the user can practice his track times. (This unit, by the way, is emblazoned with the autographs of Lewis Hamilton and Mikka Hakkinen.)

Of course, such a 'system' – if such a thing can be termed one – doesn't come cheap. There's plenty of scope for the individual buyer to choose the exact specifications. OV/E starts at around £50,000 and goes up to around £80,000. We'll take six, thanks.

Buyers of this extraordinary machine have so far included a Russian billionaire, a Saudi Prince, U.S. rap star The Game and the Walt Disney corporation, who bought 25 of the things. Their office must be a great place to work...

So, the personal home cinema 'pod' is here: is this the future? Tell us what you think.








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There's a white pod too. It looks exactly like the thing Robin Williams climbed out from in Mork & Mindy.

Nanu, nanu people. Nanu, nanu.

I'm not sure I understand the product. It might make sense for someone with limited living space, who wants to enjoy home cinema and avoid Domestic Interference Factor. But people that could afford to drop 50 to 80 grand on one of these most likely have a spare room or two. Surely, even in Japan?

I'm going to CEDIA on Thursday - torn between having a go and worrying it'll set off my claustrophobia!!

I got to say looks the BIZ,,,, BUT.....

For 80 large, I would rather buy a top of the line TV and stereo, and let everyone enjoy.

(and a ten seater couch)and lots of other thing as well for that kind of money.

I cant see this going down to consumer level were everyone could afford without a re-mortgage